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French Roast


Reg = Regular w/Caffeine

De = Decaffeinated

All coffee larger than a one pot is available in ground or whole bean - Please specify when ordering.


 Celebes Kolassi

Full and spicy with a hint of subtle sweetness in a warm character 1lb regular  $21.20



1lb Celebes Kolassi: $21.20, 1.0




 1lb regular $15.00, de $18.70


1lb Columbian: $15.00, 1.0



1lb Columbian DeCaf: $18.70, 1.0


"New"Continental Roast
The highest quality coffees from 3 continents make up this heavy, full bodied, high acidity blend.


1lb Regular $14.99



16oz Continental Roast: $14.99, 0.8oz



Costa Rican
1lb regular $14.60


1lb Costa Rica: $14.60, 1.0



When ordering, please specify if you would like regular grind or espresso grind.
1lb regular $15.45, de $16.45,


1lb Espresso: $15.45, 1.0



1lb Espresso DeCaf: $16.45, 1.0



Ethiopian Harrar
The original coffee bean which hooked the world, discovered growing among goats more than a thousand years ago in what's now Ethiopia. Centuries later, the moka coffee bean was smuggled out of the African continent by the Dutch to ensure a fine coffee future in the newly discovered East Indies. Boasting a sweet, rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor
 1lb regular $20.30



1lb Ethiopian Harrar: $20.30, 1.0


 French Roast

Blend of beans roasted to a dark reddish brown color creating a shiny coat of oil on the surface of the bean
 1lb reg $15.20  de $16.45


1lb French Roast: $15.20, 1.0



1lb French Roast DeCaf: $16.45, 1.0

Signature Blend
(formerly Gourmet)
A blend of fine South American coffees

 1lb regular $14.50,  de $16.45


1lb Signature Blend: $14.50, 1.0



1lb Signature Blend DeCaf: $16.45, 1.0


 1lb regular $14.50



1lb Guatemalan: $14.50, 1.0

Kenya AA

One of the finest coffees out of eastern Africa, Kenya AA is grown high in the mountains of western Kenya, tempered by the country's mild climate. The unique geography of its native soil gives Kenya AA its excellent body, heady aroma. Very little bitterness 1lb regular $20.40


1lb Kenya AA: $20.40, 1lb


"New" Kona
Blended to perfection. 100% Kona paired with Prairie Blaze.  You get the mellowness of Kona
with an extra  kick.

1lb Regular $16.99


16oz Kona: $16.99, 0.8oz



 1lb regular  $14.50,  de $16.10


1lb Mexican: $14.50, 1.0


1lb Mexican DeCaf: $16.10, 1.0


Mocha Java

A blend of North Eastern Africa and Indonesian coffee.

1lb regular $22.00


1lb Mocha Java: $22.00, 1.0


1lb regular $13.90


1lb Panama: $13.90, 1.0

Prairie Blaze

This is our standard dark roast coffee.  Similar to our Signature Blend only
darker.  1lb Regular  $13.00


1lb Prairie Blaze: $13.00, 1.0


 A heavy taste, deep full bodied, from Indonesia

1lb regular $19.50,  de $22.10


1lb Sumatra: $19.50, 1.0


1lb Sumatra DeCaf: $22.10, 1.0







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