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Do you repackage any of your coffee? No. All of our coffees except for the one pots are "made to order".  When you receive your coffee, you are the first person to open the bag when it arrives to you.  We do not buy in bulk and repackage the coffee into smaller bags. 


How long does it take to receive a shipment? Kat processes orders in the order that they are paid for.  Orders are shipped direct from our suppliers.  The estimated shipping time is 5-10 working days.


Will I receive a tracking number for my items shipped? Most packages shipped from our dry mix supplier will have a tracking number available.  Items ordered from our coffee supplier will not have a tracking number available.


Do you have to purchase a starter kit?  No, you can join with just your $5 sign up fee.  You don't have to purchase any products or paperwork.


What does the $5 start up fee include?  The start up fee is strictly a fee.  It allows you access to the consultant group files (catalogs, party games, consultant supplies, leads ideas and more), access to the chat group, gets you your consultant number and your listing on the locate a consultant page on the website.


Why don't you get any catalogs or other paperwork with your $5?  Kat had many consultants who wanted to customize their paperwork kit.  They didn't want as many order forms, only wanted a master catalog and 50 order forms, etc.  By having the $5 sign up, now all consultants can fully customize their kits.  All catalogs are available to download and print in the group files.  Some consultants only print their own so never have to purchase a catalog.


Are the catalogs and paperwork professional looking?  Kat has created the catalogs herself, then they are finalized by Jeanette at .  They are printed in black and white text on regular paper.   The master catalog has a card stock cover, 8 1/2 x 11, 3 hole punched, single sided with the guidelines and a contractor agreement in the back.   We also now offer a color catalog with pictures.  Kat has a limited number of 2 part order forms available for 11¢ each or you can use any order form booklet available at any store.  The order forms are for the consultants/customers records as most orders are turned into Kat via email.  All catalogs and other paperwork items may be purchased through


-  click on Kat's Coffees & More.


Are you required to have parties if you are a consultant?  No, you can sell the products however you are most comfortable with or just use them for your own personal use and receive a discount on the products you buy.


What is the amount required to remain active as a consultant?  In order to stay active as a consultant, you are required to make 1 purchase of any size every 6 months (June-November, December-May).


Do you get a free website?  No.  Kat does offer an order page.  How the order page works is the customer finds your order page under your name on the locate a consultant page.  They enter in their information and order.  The email is sent to Kat.  Kat then works up the order and sends it on to the consultant with the amount due to them by the customer and the amount due to Kat from the consultant.  Kat will also send any questions along if there are any.  The consultant then contacts the customer for payment.  When Kat receives the payment from the consultant, the order is then processed.  Order pages can be purchased through Kat and run $2 a month, $10 for 6 months or $18 for a year.


Can I create my own or have my own Kat's website?  Yes.  You can create or have a website made for you as long as it isn't associated with any adult material and the pictures and prices used are the same ones that are used on the Kat's Coffees & More Website.


Can you use the Kat's logo?  You can use the Kat's logo when creating items for your own personal use (on personal website, business cards, etc.).  You cannot use the logo on items that you will be selling for a personal profit (pins, door signs, magnets etc.) 































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