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Have you tried some of our products?  Have a great consultant?  Send in a review and let's fill up this page!


I am not a diabetic but I do have a new cake shop. The Splenda cake mixes are great but if your in the south, I recommend lowering the temp on the oven about 25 degrees and letting it bake a little longer. They won't rise and crack as easily. Marianne E - Customer 3/4/08


I ordered Mocha Java and Kenya AA and they both outstanding!! My Consultant was Marie May. She processed my order very fast and was extremely courteous! I will definitely order more of these delicious coffees from Marie!! Phyllis O'Neill - Customer 3/12/07


Your products are simply delicious! I can't say enough wonderful things!  Keep up the awesome work Kat!  You have a Super company and your consultant Lori is Wonderful. I ordered several products and I am hooked ! The coffee is fresh and the mixes are easy to make and delicious! God Bless you and your family! Thanks Lori for the fast and awesome service! You have a customer for life! The Fauber Family 10/25/06

We tried the Lemon Pepper Rice for the first time tonight and loved it. My 2 year old ate at least 2 cups worth himself. The package says 4-6 servings but we had 4 servings at dinner and I have at least 4 more servings for lunch tomorrow. Yummy, will definitely buy again. Lori #1243 10/11/06


This is a wonderful company and delicious products! I really highly recommend this company to everyone!!!!!  Carol - Customer 8/12/06

Pecan Pie Muffins These are just simply awesome! I make them for all the holidays and my Dad asks for them for birthday gifts or other gift giving times . . . last time I was making them for a father's day gift half of the first batch was gone (family eating them warm) so I had to make a second batch for my Dad. Gina #0672 7/1/06


Toasted Almond Coffee My new favorite. I didn't try until my last order and I am HOOKED!!! Gina #0672 7/1/06


Jalapeno Ranch Dip A lot of people post asking what to bring to craft fairs, etc. I would say this would be a top seller. Two weeks ago we were having a get together at a friends house after a baseball game and in a rush the night before I made this and I can't believe the response. I wasn't even in "selling mode" - my bad :-) and people were asking for the recipe and it was GONE with in the first hour I was there. Gina #0672 7/1/06


I tried the Sundried Tomato & Garlic Dip over the weekend. How delicious, we dipped carrots and crackers in the dip. I used the leftover dip to spread on turkey sandwiches for my kids. Yummy. Not only did it spread like mayo but my kids got the added nutrition of the tomatoes without even realizing it. I would definitely buy this and make it again. Lori #1243 6/19/06


I have been a consultant since the beginning. I love this company because of the awesome products, but mainly because of the fantastic owner. Kat cares about the consultants and goes out of her way to help and encourage us. Thanks Kat!!!  Ivy #0009 6/2/06

I just wanted to make the comment and let you know that your rep Tracey Shockey has really represented your company well. She handled my order with professionalism and my order arrived PROMPTLY after I placed my order. Thank you!  Heidi - customer - 3/4/06


Tried the Pecan Crunch French Toast today. It is Fantastic!! Used regular bread so it made about a dozen slices instead of 6 as it says on the pkg. so that was even better! Joanne #0478 2/17/06

Crème Brulee Coffee - This is so good. We drank 3 pots of it at my son's birthday party. Almost every one of the adults at the party placed an order for this coffee. It is so smooth and delicious.  Lori #1243 12/10/05


Spinach Rice - My kids absolutely loved this. What a great way to get my kids to get some more veggies in their systems. My husband and neighbor were raving about it too. I think this will be a staple in our house. Lori #1243 12/8/05


This is great!! I am very happy to finally see someone who is very compassionate to mothers who are trying to work from home. Thanks a lot Kat :) I look forward to selling your products - Angelita #1260

Received my first order today - 12/19/2005 - and everything smells soooo delicious!  Portia #1212


Pop's Pumpkin Bread - Just made this today, Nov 30, 2005. Absolutely delicious - it makes two - thank goodness. I used fresh pumpkin, but I don't think it matters. It is the spices that makes this bread great!  Alice Customer - 11/30/05


The Cilantro Cream Sauce is excellent. My husband had Thirds. But I only used a few spoonfuls of tomatillo salsa instead of 7oz as the pkg suggests. I mixed it in with cooked angel hair pasta, canned chicken breast and canned French cut style green beans with the sauce. Yum!  Lisa  #781 - 10/7/05


Put about a teaspoon of Hi Ho Cherry O' Cola into an 8oz glass of coke.  Kind of gives the coke a kick in the can so to speak. Try it! It's  pretty darned good.... Ingrid


I have enjoyed the wide assortment of WONDERFUL products offered! It's like treating myself to a special treat, every day! Looking forward to sending in a new order soon! Nothing but compliments! Tina - Customer 2/22/05


How lucky was this? I got my first Kat's Coffee and More order on Valentine's Day. Looking through the boxes, I decided to surprise my husband and I made the Tortellini Parmesano Soup. He was SO impressed and couldn't stop raving about it. The way the spices all blend together is AWESOME!  Melanie #0912 - 2/15/05

I purchased the Dutch Apple Cinnamon coffee at the recommendation of my consultant, Jennifer Coleman. It is as wonderful as she told me it was!  Jennifer Coleman is a wonderful person to work with! She has a great knowledge of your products and made a recommendation that was superb to me!  She's awesome!!  Marguerite - Customer 1/20/05

I love the smell of the coffee and it's probably the best coffee I have had in a long time!!  Kats Coffees & More products look wonderful; especially the breads and bread mixes.  Lynn - Customer 1/17/05

If you love Rice Mixes, then you'll love the Spinach Rice Mix and the Spanish Augratin Rice Mix. Lisa #781 -  1/3/05


First let me say I am soooo excited to have found your site ! I just can't believe the selection and amazing choices,
& I absolutely can't wait to try the products ! I also LOVE the design and layout of the website, it's perfect and informative without being too overwhelming !  Sara - Customer 10/6/04


Wow I didn't know you had so many different types of products!  Very well organized and so much to offer. Customer 9/20/04


You must get Kat's Creamers. They are great with coffee, cocoa or sprinkled over ice cream. I love the Gingerbread Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, French Vanilla,  etc. Lisa #0781- 9/20/04


I have to say that the Buffalo Brownies are the absolute best that I have ever eaten and can't wait to try more!!!  Dee Black 6/30/04


MMMMM....is all I have to say about the Strawberry Milkshakes!! I ordered a few and gave them to my kids and they loved it! I'm going to get some more especially since it's getting hot!!! Gina #0509

Hazelnut coffee is superb! Nice nutty mellow flavor! Lisa #0492 1/31/04


The Pecan Pie Muffins are the BEST! If you like pecan pie you will LOVE these muffins! Gooey owie delight! Order at least 2, you'll want more! Lisa #0492 1/23/04


Like layout. Simple and precise- To the point. Do not like and often will NOT spend a lot of time flipping screens to try and get info. Yours is simple, quick and still yet attractive. Customer - 5/4/04





























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